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Anantham Mind Studio

" प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमन: मध्यमाम्
स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते "

prasannaatmendriyaman; svasth ityabhidheeyate

Anantham (अनन्तम्) mean infinity, no beginning and no end.

Anantham Mind Studio came into existence to serve as retaliation to Mental Health in 2010. Mental Health has been and still is a concern worldwide. It is the most neglected form of health care which is affecting everyone irrespective of age bar. Anantham integrates the holistic approach through Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Spiritual and Indian Psychology.
The philosophy of Anantham Mind Studio is embedded in its approach of integrating harmonious and complementary methodologies. Indian psychology approaches found in vedantic philosophies at every stage and sections which eventually produces greater effect than the sum of individual.
The entire synergy is greatly used to build a holistic and ontological development of minds. The approach is precisely through Vedas and Upanishads, especially Taitreiya Upanishad, largely found in panchakosha.

Why Anantham?

Anantham Mind Studio is one of the professional counselling and psychotherapy providers in New Delhi and a pioneer in using the aforementioned modalities in treating, healing and on transformational coaching. Infact, Anantham is working on resurgence of forgotten and neglected therapeutic modalities of olden times. Having track record of successfully treating psychological and psychiatric disorders and challenges from postpartum trauma to schizoprehenia to epilepsy to anxiety disorders. Also there is an increasing number of cancer patients who seek to heal through a holistic healing journey, they have witnessed the transformation.
There has been successful percentage of preventing suicide attempts/thoughts. High success rates of treating anxiety disorders, psychosomatic and lifestyle depression.


What is a health problem according to you? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But we usually notice, regardless of the modernization of society, Mental Health Problems are still not included in health care practice. The stigma encircling Mental Health is an arising concern. Statistically for the last 10 years a tremendous increase in awareness has been noticed yet the gap between the provider and the receiver remains bare and drained.
Mental disorder can vary from very simple to very complex; from a 5 year old child to a 60 and + year old person. People with mental disorders are often treated as threat and burden to oneself and society. They are abandoned and cut off from the societal privileges. All of these happen only due to lack of information about Mental Health. Lack of knowledge affects not only the lives involved but also the behavior. With a complete knowledge and exposure comes acceptance and cure.
To help the small things get resolved before hindering anyone's life, our initiative for everyone Anantham Mind Studio has been formed. Anantham, gives you infinite possibilities to live in a happier mental space.


“Sarve Bhavantu Sukinah”

Keeping this in mind, Anantham intends to foster traditional and modern ways of living to cure the new age difficulties of living with disorders, anxieties, depression amongst teenagers, young adults, OCDs, psychosomatic and certain neurological disorders.Anantham aims to prevent and cure diseases and promote healthy development of mind, body and soul through mindful ayurvedic eating, vedic yoga and marma practices. The whole approach of integrated holistic intervention leaves you rejuvenated healthy and mindful like our ancestors.



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