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Aparna Sharma conducts workshops in many parts of the country. Discover your purpose, passion, desire and learn how to create greater personal happiness and success in life!

Psyche – Powerful Dynamics

Using and Integrating both modern as well age old modalities to elevate the mindful tools for the peak performance, conflict management.


Parenting is what is known and well understood by our morals and value-skill based education given by our ancestors, which is now come back with a modern touch and tools. Parenting begins even before a child is born.

Relationship counseling

The rational approach and insight to sustain a healthy and happy relationship.

Garbha Shastra

There is also a project under process to study the impacts on developmental and mental health aspects. Garbha shastra is old concept adapted in today’s time. The would-be mothers are acquainted with its richness of knowledge.

Natya Shastra

Natya Shastra, is a known form of art for mental health where one can get familiar with natya yoga, bhatki yoga, raga yoga and many. Westerners are using such tools for the intervention. The theory and practical is established.

Career Guidance Counseling

In today’s digital era, there is too much of information being bombarded; a guiding support can help chose without a stress.

Teachers Training

Conducted teachers training on various topics of need based as well as relevant topics on today’s challenging times.

Spiritual psychology

This is an ongoing project and workshop module for all age groups from both educational institutes as well as a project work.

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