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Bright Future integrated with Emotional Intelligence

Today all of us live in a World of Fastest and Toughest Competition to Survive to Live Well.

The competition is so dense that it is allowing none of us to breathe to satisfaction when we aspire for a bright Future. However there is no definition for the word “Bright future” since it varies from brain to brain.

But every one of us aspires for to live well and perhaps very well. This is only leading us to confusion. We work round the clock to achieve what we call as GOAL which we ourselves cannot define. We run without knowing where to stop and where at we have our Goal.

We merge in tension due to unknown dissatisfaction at inner heart and which many times can not even be explained to others. After a day’s strenuous work, we get:

Tired & vexed




Disgusted over life itself

And, finally land in Depression and Tension. This leads to restlessness and we lose our forbearance which is most important to live and Let live. As a result, we get lost either at Home or at Professional Bench or at both the places.

 This many of us are experiencing very often if not daily.

If we come out of this STRESS, we can easily Aim at what we aspire and go to achieve through a comfortable and smooth path.

 By taming the MIND combing down its Fatigue and Tension, if done properly, we can be free of mental Tensions & worries of the day and Day long.

 This is called Emotional Intelligence 

This has got a universal applause due to its continuous success in bringing out the best in all working or non-working class. As said or repeatedly mentioned that this system started in 1950s, well the system existed though only brought to the public by systematic approach by the western philosophy and psychology with it, practically to all those who peacefully achieve what they aspire for.

Emotional Intelligence is not a tool to be considered to achieve peak performance, it enhances the individual understanding of self and surroundings. Most of the western working culture set up now opt for emotional intelligence system of learning to be aware

Ask yourself……

• Do I wake up and feel excited about my day?
• Am I able to handle stress?
• Do I appreciate myself and have self-belief?
• Am I able to let go of past emotional upsets?
• Can I easily avoid cravings?
• Do I have positive energy and enthusiasm for life?
• Can I achieve the goals I set myself?
• Do I look forward to my future?
• Can I easily handle anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt?
• Am I able to stand in my power and say yes to life and living?

If the answer to any of the above is NO….continue reading…as you can turn them into YES!

What would your life be like if you felt free from your emotional hooks and woke up in the morning excited and able to handle any situation with a attitude that easily can let go of  feeling upset, unwanted cravings and pain; creating a positive outlook, energy and vitality.

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