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Orienting Mind in the Fast Paced Life

Mind concentration is as much necessary to Senior citizens as it is to Children and also of adolescents. These days are pulling every one to life coupled with tension and the word TENSION is coming through every mouth as though it has become fashion of the day. Life of today has become too mechanical and to say “NO TIME“ for everything has also become the word of the day.

Everyone needs peace and concentration of Mind. Mind today is pre occupied by various challenges of life and often gets confused. Mind is endowed with tremendous demonical strength. If it is not controlled, the mental energies will be dissipated indiscriminately.

Mind thoughts are like Sun rays. Each ray will have the power of inherent heat in it. Normally rays when drawn together will create Fire which can be seen if channeled through a convex mirror. Mind if its thoughts are brought together will emanate Great Power. Swamy Vivekananda said that concentrated Mind is a Search Light. Keep your mind wakeful & watchful. Normally mind will be suspended in a sort of dream state or keeps wandering aimlessly.

How to keep the Mind in the right path.

Fear in its right and positive sense can be helpful to some or even to great extent in placing our thoughts and mind in a right path. Fear of God, fear of Sin, fear of punishment, fear of Society, fear of status, fear of morality, fear of chastity, fear of elders and such other fears will keep us away from the bad environment and also from evil thoughts. According to Swamy Vivekananda, The character shaper & wisdom creator is Fear; in its right sense. We can control our Mind with the thought of fear.

 The other way is keeping the Mind isolated by Pranayamam.

Pranayamam is nothing but regularizing the act of breathing. Sage Patanjali said that there is nothing equal to Prayanayamam which in other words is Meditation. Meditation is nothing but being aware of breathing pattern.

Sit calm at a place where there will be no disturbance for at least few minutes. Let the Mind roll as it likes. Be only a witness and do not encourage or discourage the thoughts of the Mind. Simply watch your breathing.You will attain a state of Mind which works on your body giving you unbelievable energy. Concentration of your Mind and Brain brings you lot of energy to body and brain. It also helps in regularizing the health healing some of the problems of your body, may be even without your knowledge. There is nothing equal to this today to a smooth and healthy life. This is because we will not be otherwise getting Oxygen to the extent the body needs. Many of us are not aware that the intake of needed oxygen will keep the body from any disease and less of it will make the body an abode to all diseases. By our habits, habitats and of hectic life, our lungs will work only to one fourth of the capacity.

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